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 Perfekt Sparen

Perfekt Sparen

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 PERFEKT SPAREN - Grosshandel sowie Einzelhandel von Baumaterial-Baustoffen,Elektrogeräte,Hydraulik Artikel, Metallartikel, Wärmeisolierung, Farben, verschiedene Produkte die zum verputzen benötigt werden, Chemieartikel von der Firma Bolix,KNAUF,diverse Kabel sowie Antennen DVB-T der Marke TELEVES

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Tematyka ogólna

The company PLEUCOM was started in 2006. Its name, a proclaimation of innovation and globalism, was an acronym, connecting three internet domains: .pl, .eu, and .com. The name PLEUCOM neatly communicates a vision of evolving service to Poland, throughout Europe, all the way to markets in America and Asia. Since its inception, the company had a family character, and its owner was Zygmunt Worsa.

From the start, PLEUCOM operated with the newest technology. Riding on the wave brought about by Poland’s enterance into the world of technology, the company grew to offer Poles the proverbial window to the world. The company offered wireless access to the Internet and radio technology.

Under its own mark, Sudecka Specjalna Strefa Internetowa served close to 800 subjects offering a wide-ranging acess to the Internet based on its own net. The working telecommunications network was completed in May 2014, resulting in the sale of the network to one of knowledgable operators.
From 2007 until 2014, PLEUCOM was joined with the distribution company Cyfrowy Polsat, the largest platform for the satellite TV in Poland.
Since 2010, PLEUCOM has offered innovative products to Spanish company TELEVES to a wideranging audience of digital television.

Distribution was managed by our own stationary point that was sold along with service provider www.televes24.pl . In 2007, we opened a modern inventory and a store located in Zarow. In this location, we offer equipment for television reception, satelite reception devices, printing materials, computer accessories, and DHL delivery services. In the boundaries of our own mark - Strefa OKAZJI – handles the sale and detail work of articles from our building branch, electronic tools, small hydraulic parts, electronics, metal parts, heatings systems, paint, and structural materials.
We offer the most high-quality brands from Poland and around the world, brands that dominate the market.

Since 2014 Strefa Okazji has been a leading brand and a partner of PLEUCOM , which is constantly expanding. Since 2008 STREFA OKAZJI has maintained a presence on the Internet. Online sales have been carried out from our own store www.strefaokazji.com as well as group shopping services and auctions in the style of Allegro i Ebay.

PLEUCOM is a registered owner of VAT UE under the number NIP PL8842455811. For companies in the Union, PLEUCOM manages sales with its partner firm, VAT. Since 2014, PLEUCOM is also a business partner to LYONESS.

The company offer makes available, among other products, such brands as the following:

Curver, Keter, Energizer, Wilkinson, Fast, Bolix, Ceresit, Henkel, Proline, Dewalt, Stanley, Black&Decker, Lahti Pro, Tryton, Vulcan, Fischer, Soudal, Den Braven, Rigips, Wkręt-Met, Fiskars, Ultrament, Mc-bauchemie, Sicher bautechnik, Solbet, Schwenk - Climowool, Ursa, Knauf bauprodukte, Knauf Styropian, Śnieżka, Atlas, Topex, Neo, Verto, Yato, Tucai, Wirquin, Cersanit, Izolbet, Izolacja – Jarocin, Metylan, Kronopol, Pflider, Neoprofil, Gaspol, Wadex, Prodmax,Awenta,Dospel, Ferro, Orlen, Sonax.

PLEUCOM serves our clients; we help in every step of the transaction.

We will be glad to assist our clients prior to the sale, and we will also help after the sale, when they are using our products. We make shipments immediately after your order, which is why we insure our inventory to the utmost extent. We invite you to take advantage of our offer and we wish you a satisfaction in our products.




ul.Dworcowa 5

58-130 Żarów



e-mail: biuro@pleucom.com

Our Germany Representative:
mobile: +49 170 6955 200, +48 531 692 646 - Patrick export@perfektsparen.com
Service in German and Polish.

Polish Office:

Store: +48 74 8570 564 - Telephone hours in accord with store hours

mobile: +48 696 113 253 - Zygmunt
Service in English and Polish

Personal Pick-up is possible in the follow hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 9:00 - 14 :00

Bank Contact Information:

Polish Receipt Number:
73 1140 2017 0000 4902 0600 6979 - Mbank payment in Polish Zloty

Receipt Number in Euro:
IBAN: PL 83 1140 2017 0000 4612 0144 5972 - Mbank payments in Euro

Paypal: payment to biuro@pleucom.com