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 Welcome to smithwatches, bringing you a small selection of high quality vintage watches made by a British company. Starting in London as Samuel Smith in 1851, progressing down the years to becoming S.Smith & Sons(Motor Accessories), receiving it's first Royal Warrant in 1907. then becoming S.Smith & Sons (England)Ltd, which split into Smiths Motor Accessories Ltd, Smiths Aircraft Instruments Ltd, Smiths English Clocks Ltd and Smiths industrial Instruments Ltd. The factory in Cheltenham that eventually manufactured the high quality timepieces featured here was built at the start of the Second World War. By the end of the Second World War The Smiths Group comprised of over 20 companies. By the time Smiths Aviation Division had become the main priority in the late 1970's the Clock and watch Division had broken up. From the 1980's onwards Smiths Industries had successfully moved on into Avionics, Smiths being instrumental in the development of automated aircraft flying and landing controls, and finally in the 1980's the Aerospace division was extending its reach far into the jet age. The earliest type of S.Smith watches were manufactured both in Great Britain and imported from the 19th century onwards.
 The classic and high quality English made watches from the end of the Second World War until the final military contract watches issued in the 1970's. Basic calibre 100- 11 1/2 ligne Basic calibre 200- 5 1/4 ligne Basic calibre 300- 8 3/4 ligne Basic calibre 400- 12 ligne e.g a watch with the number 60461E Initially ignore the first 6 for series numbering this is movement type 0461 which is 400 basic calibre which Smiths identify as 15 jewel shockproof plain balance small seconds. The E suffix denotes the Epsilon finish which is plain gilded. The confusing part is the first 6 which was originally 5 and denotes into beat, or in other words adjustable hairspring stud.
 The enormous and varied production of post Second World War timepieces comprising both British and foreign products as well as hybrid versions with cases made in Britain and movements sourced internationally.